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You may be researching options for your health care or you may be reconsidering chiropractic care after years since you utilized it. Perhaps you are looking for a holistic health system in which to raise your children. In either case, we invite you to share our enthusiasm and respect for what the profession can bring to your life.

If what we recommend in chiropractic care fits with your goals and view of health,  then you will be taking the first step towards your journey to health, maximum performance, and optimal quality of life .

"After the 3rd visit, I was playing with my

children again!"

--L. Romero

Louisburg Chiropractic Center  reflects all areas of well-being; mind - body - and spirit.

Louisburg Chiropractic Center 

1165 US 401 Hwy South  

Louisburg, NC  27549  


Louisburg Chiropractic�the building block for optimal health.

Food for thought…..


  • Your body has an innate ability to heal and optimize itself.

  • Your body’s innate intelligence functions through your body’s nervous system.

  • Chiropractic facilitates life�s capacity of that intelligence through the detection, correction, and prevention of spinal subluxations.

  • A subluxation is an interference to the nervous system; thus, diminishing your innate ability for optimal function. How to use biotin to help hair grow back?

Louisburg Chiropractic Center  1165 US 401 Hwy South   Louisburg, NC  27549   919-496-4664