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Q: Who needs to see a chiropractor? 


 A: Everyone...from birth to adulthood. Even after birth, a child may have potential damaging effects to the nervous system from the birth process itself.  Infancy, toddlers, childhood, teen years and maturity.  And yes, even if you are symptom free.  Chiropractic is a healing art which is based upon a normally functioning nervous system.  Without this, your body will experience a lot of havoc; even with the absence of symptoms. 

Have you ever heard of the healthy 45 year old having his/her morning jog?  The person who all of a sudden experiences cardiac arrest?  Often times, there are no symptoms!   In our office, practice members are often under care for symptoms, and often for no symptoms at all.  We call that Wellness Care. 

Common symptoms seen in our office with great success include: headache, neck pain, back pain, arm, hand, and foot numbness, stomach-aches, falls, injuries, ear infections, colic, allergies, bed-wetting, colic, ADHA,  shoulder, knee, and leg pain, lowering blood pressure, better nights of sleep, and an overall more energetic, fulfilled way of living.   Is chiropractic considered a cure for these ailments?   No.  Not a cure.  But,  if the symptoms are caused from an abnormal functioning nervous system, which if most commonly the case,  you betcha!   

Q: What does a chiropractor do to help and does it hurt?  

A: A chiropractor performs a specific technique called an adjustment.  The area or areas adjusted have been detected after a thorough examination by a chiropractor.  This area or areas which have been detected  as an abnormally functioning part(s) of the nervous system, may need guidance to return to a to a properly functioning state.   An adjustment is a specific means of correcting vertebrae's that have abnormal movement patterns which lead to the nervous system functioning improperly.  

Q: Does an adjustment hurt?  

A:  Rarely does an adjustment hurt and yes, they are extremely safe.  Doctors of chiropractic have various techniques.  Dr.  Weidler utilizes the most gentle and effective techniques available in the field today.  Although the results are astounding, many of our practice members are surprised at Dr. Weidler's gentle technique..   

Q: Can I see a chiropractor if I am pregnant?  

A: Absolutely!  Dr. Weidler sees many pregnant women.  Chiropractic care is essential as the rapid growth of the baby changes and interferes with the body's structural changes and adaptations to the growing baby. This added stress often leads to discomfort and difficulties. Specific, gentle adjustments, restore balance.  This results in greater musculoskeletal function.  For more information about pregnancy and chiropractic, and/or chiropractic care for the entire family, visit the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association's website at www.ICPA.com  

Q: How can I find a chiropractor that is right for me and my family?  

A: As with many major decisions in life, informed decisions gain better benefit.    In our office, if you schedule a consultation with Dr. Weidler, the consultation will be at no charge.  We will obtain your complete history.  We will address any particular health/wellness concerns you may be having.    Our office has a warm, welcoming environment in which you can schedule an appointment within 24-48 hours.  When you arrive, you will immediately, with a staff person, give us your health history in which the doctor will examine.  She will then perform specific examinations based on your needs.  Dr. Weidler  will then give you a complete  review of what she has discovered during your diagnostic visit.  She will make recommendations based on your specific goals and needs.  If she does not feel chiropractic can help you achieve your health care goals, she will advise you as to what type of physician she recommends to help you do so.      

Q: What about my financial investment for my chiropractic care? 

A: In our office, all fees are reviewed with the patient before any procedure is begun.  If you wish to schedule only for a consultation with the doctor, you may do so at no charge.  Charges for any examination, radiographs, or treatment are specified before proceeding with any procedure after a consultation. 

The two options for payment in our office are billed arrangements (to insurance or to the patient) and non-billed arrangements.  If you have insurance, we recommend you check your benefits regarding chiropractic care.  Our staff will confirm the benefits by contacting your insurance company during your first visit.  If you have a co-pay or percentage, we require payment of that portion at the time of service.


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